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March 19th, 2013, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by bella88 View Post
If you find out let me know! This is the problem Im having. 17dpo today I think and second day of pinky-orange spotting. It was a little darker this.morning but only way up near my cervix from being there all night I guess and it went.back to the lighter colour after getting.up for the day. Been wearing a pad today to see how much makes its way out and nothing on that today or last.nights one yesterday. Only if I wipe or go looking for it and its light enough in colour that unless my pee is super clear I can barely notice it on the paper. Cervix is also super high and feels closed and a bit squishy, maybe a little.bit softer than medium but.not quite soft enough to call it soft.
Isn't it insane!!!! The last time I had such a strange AF, I found out I was pregnant with my DD 3 1/2 weeks later.

I hope we can both get some answers soon. All I can say is if I'm NOT pregnant, this was a cruel, cruel trick from the

Where is a cervix typically located during your period?
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