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March 20th, 2013, 06:04 AM
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Personally if it will not change your mind on the baby and you are nervous about the risk of miscarriage and the only reason you are doing it is to confirm the diagnosis I say go with your gut feeling (I would not do it but that is me) As I said earlier I have had it done, it was not pleasant but not completely horrible either. I did it only because they wanted to test for other inherited genetic issues and I wanted to know if our future children would be at risk, otherwise I would not have done it. My Dr. pushed and pushed and after I refused twice and we met with the genetic councelor we finally made the choice that worked for us. My opinion always is if it is not going to change your mind about the baby and the information/time to prepare yourself/or peace of mind that the results might give don't outweigh the risks then it isn't worth the risk. Best of luck to you!
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