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March 20th, 2013, 07:31 AM
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Two weeks of dairy free now and the only change has been no noticeable blood in the stool. (This is a good thing, of course.) But the poop is still very green...except...we started supplementing with a soy-based sensitive formula (I just did not have enough in me--milk or mentally--to feed her every hour for 40-minute sessions.) Her poop is always yellow after she has formula, but right back to green with the breast milk. It is still very, very liquid. So I'm not convinced we've figured it out just yet. She is also very, very gassy still. And I know I have trouble digesting soy, so this poor kid might just be screwed until her digestive track matures. But at least with the bottle where she can take in a good amount (maybe she's a lazy sucker?) she actually takes a nap during the day. That is a small piece of bliss for me.

You should have seen the student doctor's confused face trying to digest the words "hindmilk" and "foremilk" when I brought it up at the Ped. (I also hate that at each visit I have to go through the list of problems to the nurse, then the pretend doctor (student), maybe a NP or PA and then the doctor...such a waste of my time and theirs.) I have been trying the one boob at a time method. (I was also trying to get my right breast to increase production by doubling that one, but no effect so far, it's still lagging and nearly half the size.) The docs are really not at all helpful with any of this.

The best success I've had is with the pump. I can get a decent amount out and know that I've emptied the boob, so hopefully am giving her hindmilk. I am so grateful for a good pump. But without the formula, I'd never have a chance to get on the pump.

I'm back to the lactation consultant this week to see what she thinks, and to create the best plan for the supplementing. I actually cried on the way to the store to get the formula. I absolutely support anyone who uses formula, but somehow couldn't forgive myself for not getting this right. I'm slowly getting over this, but hoping that I get support from the lactation consultant and am not made to feel bad about this.

I really think that she's simply not getting enough from me -- either because I don't produce enough or enough at the right time or she can't get it out efficiently enough. Although her weight was in acceptable percentiles (thus the doctor just dismissing my concerns and issues) I think she's probably supposed to be a bigger kid because she was simply never satisfied when nursing alone.

I am so, so, so grateful for her little smiles and coos that have just begun. (Not that the practice smiles in sleep aren't adorable.) It makes the trying times a little easier. My little buttercup, or I guess right now, my little dairy-free-cup.
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