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March 20th, 2013, 08:58 AM
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Cynd - congrats on the fence and congrats on reaching the stage of your life where getting a fence is exciting. Wait until your first major renovations.

Kim - glad the surgery went well, she sounds like a real trooper. Sorry about your dog, it is so hard when they get old. We had 2 dogs shortly after we were first married and one of them ended up struggling a lot in his old age and in hind sight, I think we held on a bit too long, but I'll never forget the day when we finally realized that enough was enough, it was tough. The other one, poor old thing, was over 15 years old, mostly blind and had to be carried most places (she was a pug, so it was doable), but otherwise good to go. She had a bladder infection and ended up dying at the vet's office when we were getting her checked out, so she made the decision for us. Equally as tough. So *hugs*, I feel for ya.

As for me, I had a craptastic morning. Aidan woke up before I had to wake him (which has happened exactly zero times before on a school day). It was only a half hour early and I thought, bonus, no fight to get him out of bed. Well, he made up for it by being in the worst, snotty, defiant mood he's been in a long time. I ended up yelling at him because I lost my patience and it was just not a good morning at all. I hope he comes back from school in a better mood!

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