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March 20th, 2013, 09:14 AM
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I felt that way about the girlie stuff for a while. I like to wear makeup and recently I'm more into dresses but I always liked the toy cars, Legos, & K'Nex better. I know it hurts now but it fades away. I cried a little when they said DD3 was a girl. I was SO sure it was a boy. And she is so freaking amazing, even came out with these gorgeous blue eyes. The desire for a little boy didn't leave but her beauty overshadowed it.

(Notice the bruises on her head...DAREDEVIL! Doesn't have to be a boy to be one lol!!)

And don't forget that poem I posted (I found somewhere) which I think describes the feeling PERFECTLY...

I am a mother,
Who has dreams I'm afraid may not come true,
I dream of the day
Of holding a bundle of pink or blue....

Maybe I'm dreaming of pink,
A daughter who could one day be,
A strong but soft woman
A newer version of me....

Maybe I'm dreaming of blue,
A son to be strong, but kind,
A sweet little boy,
To grow into a good man in time...

So please don't judge me,
Or these feelings I can't change,
They may seem unknown to you,
Bad or strange.....

Please keep in mind,
Even if I'm not given my dream,
I carry a love within me
That may be unseen...

I will love my child,
Boy or girl,
And I will hold and kiss them just the same,
And they will be my world...

Even though I'm disappointed,
It's not with what was given to me,
It's disappointment for a world,
That I might never be blessed to see....

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