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March 20th, 2013, 10:58 AM
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I had a male OB/gyn with DD and he was amazing. Much more sympathetic than the female drs. I wish I could have him again he was so amazing and i have been trying to find someone who works for me. The first OB i had wanted me to get on my seizure meds that are known to cause birth defects and stillbirth...uhm F no! The midwife I tried turned out to be a flake who has had numerous women have to go in for emergency c sections cuz of complications. So I am currently trying a new OB who i havent met yet. Last appt she was delivering a baby so i wont meet her til April 1st. As Ultrasounds arent done in office here. Which i have to have another since lil man is a stubborn stinker!

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