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March 20th, 2013, 11:16 AM
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I have been really torn about this...with my first m/c I felt so alone, didn't know anyone (outside of older relatives) that had a m/c...or so I thought, turns out I did but (of course) no one talks about it until you open up. Part of me thinks it would be helpful for women to know it's common, that there are others you can lean on or support. The other part of me feels like my losses are so personal, so heart wrenching to me that I can't stand the thought of people who can't possibly understand what I've gone through just passingly saying "oh so sorry for your loss" but not really caring the way I care...

If you feel like being open and telling people is helpful to you, then definitely do it...healing is ultimately about what works for you, and it sounds like its important to you that your friends & family understand what your suffering through ((((hugs))))
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