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March 20th, 2013, 11:26 AM
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While I'm sad to welcome you to this group, I'm glad you came here - there's so much support for you when you find you need it ((((hugs)))

OBs are all over the place on wait periods - some will say none, 1 cycle & 3 cycles are often recommended....that said ask your doctor whether there were any issues with the D&C and if s/he recommends a wait period ask why so you understand their reasoning. 1 cycle is very common wait recommendation, and it's usually just to give your body a break and for uterine lining to return to normal. Some doctors recommend longer, but it's rarely based in medical need (exception to this is if they want to run certain tests, which require set period post pregnancy for accuracy) and often is just a concern that you've had enough time to emotionally heal from the loss.

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