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March 20th, 2013, 12:29 PM
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The public schools in this nation are failing! More regulation isn't the answer! The more control the government takes away from the teachers, the worse the children are being educated! More regulation sounds good on paper, but in practice you get things like the No Child Left Behind nonsense. Everyone thinks they have the answer, but education is more of an individual process. History shows that every time the government steps in to regulate and fix the problem, they bind the hands of the people who are doing the actual work. The government needs to step back and give control back to the district or even individual school level. More people respond better to a sense of responsibility then for following directions mandated on them. There is no individual plan that will reach all children. Sadly some will fail! I'm sure a lot of the failure is due to failure in the home and the other part is the individual childs needs not being met. So much goes into educating a well rounded individual. Regulations aren't going to help us acquire that goal. What we need is more parental and teacher support. Our society doesn't value either!
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