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March 20th, 2013, 02:05 PM
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I absolutely despise posts that are "its my way or you're a horrible person!". There is a girl on my friends list that I keep solely for entertainment value. She's the ultimate "home birth, no circumcision, breastfeed until kindergarten, make our own babyfood, no vaccines, etc" and if you don't do those things you are HORRIBLE NASTY PERSON and you don't love you children... and yes, she comments in all caps likes she's yelling at you. My personal favorite, though, is when she posted that she is against circumcision b/c its child abuse, and totally unnecessary b/c the penis is self-cleaning. I commented "you mean, like my oven?? is there a button on my son that I missed that will make him bathe good and wash his penis??" I was certain I was getting deleted after that... but no.
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