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March 20th, 2013, 02:32 PM
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What kind of car do you drive? Kia Soul

What's your favorite mixed drink? There’s this alcoholic chocolate banana milkshake that you can get at one of my fav restaurants…. It so yummy!

If money were unlimited (and you had no complications) how many children would be in your family? I have always wanted 3 kids… If it was ok health wise and DH was ok with it I would love to have a little boy… I have always wanted to raise the kind of man that you only dream about your daughters being able to marry, one that is respectful, kind, generous, and treats his wife like the queen that she is. *sigh*

But I feel honored to have the opportunity to raise 2 strong, independent ladies, who will be able to stand on their own two feet, ladies who are after God’s own heart, and compliment any man that they marry.

How many different places have you lived? My mom moved around a lot when I was a baby which included Orlando, FL; CA; But I was born in Las Vegas lived there until I was in the 10th grade, moved to Conroe, TX (North of Houston) and lived there until I was 7 months preg with Hannah, and then here in Oklahoma.

Where is the farthest you have traveled to? London. Awww so beautiful…. Loved it there. I would like to go back some day, maybe travel to London, Paris, Germany, Ireland… ahhhh, someday!

Dogs or cats; pick one! That’s easy, Dogs! Ryan is allergic to cats.

After you're done having kids, would you ever consider plastic surgery to, ahem, perk things back up? Yes. I have considered looking into lipo, and maybe a breast reduction and lift…. But I also think of how proud I would be to know that I reached my weight loss goal on my own…

whats your fav movies- Steel Magnolias all the way…..I can never get enough of it… Love it!!! And just recently saw Les Miserables….. Loved!!!! Can’t wait to own it….

do you have a fav outfit….. honestly Jeans, nice shirt and my boots….. I may have been born in the city, but I am a country girl at heart.

what are your hobbies- Anything that has to do with my family. I love being able to spend time with them…. Cook for them, play games, cuddle and watch movies, bake with Hannah… If it’s just me then I opt for a good book, glass of wine, and a nice hot bubble bath… (I might have to do that tonight actually)

A BIG thank you to *Kiliki* for my beautiful siggy!

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