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March 20th, 2013, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by ohnicole View Post
I have a Master's degree in microbiology and immunology, and cleaning is a pet peeve of mine I believe that we keep our homes and our lives too sterile. Most of the microorganisms we encounter on a daily basis are not harmful and are actually helpful- either we need them to function well (like the bacteria in our guts) or they help train our immune system to respond appropriately not only to harmful germs, but also to our own cells. There is a great theory that autoimmune disorders are so prevalent in developed countries because our immune systems become overactive and dysfunctional in the absence of exposure to a variety of microorganisms. Okay, cleanliness rant over

So, here we usually just clean with soap (plain Dawn dish soap) or with vinegar and water. I do use regular cleaners on the toilet, and do sometimes use bleach in the laundry or on something that is particularly gross (like the trash cans).
hehe I disinfect nothing in my home, never have and we generally have great immunity. I think I got the influenza this year, first time in 5 years (had it when pregnant, didnt forget that easily ).

I think hand sanitizers definatly have their place. I very much like them all over my work place, I'm a nurse and work in a geriatric hospital. In my home or in my pocket not so much. I did buy a small bottle during the swine flu but only ever used it couple of times.

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