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March 20th, 2013, 04:15 PM
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Saw the pediatrician today, and we're going to try the elimination diet. A few more days of formula while I start it, and then on Saturday I can start nursing again. We'll see how things are in 2 weeks - I am really, really hoping this does the trick.

LuckyOne, I'm so glad to hear that the changes to your diet made a difference. That gives me hope. I'm sorry you struggled with this too, and with the PPD - I feel like I may be in the same boat, and I'm seeing a Dr this Friday. I am feeling really overwhelmed at this point, but am trying to keep it all together.

Sassalota, I had a c-section, but if this next step doesn't help I'll check into a chiropractor. Thank you for the suggestion.

Rebelmommy - I am struggling as it is to find enough hands-free time to pump enough to keep up my supply while feeding him bottles, and I've only been doing it 3 days!! I have no idea how your friend did it for so many months! Amazing though, and something I'll keep in mind if we have to switch to formula in the end.

beamermarie - He is definitely over-feeding, because he's often nursing for comfort as it soothes the reflux (while he's actively feeding). I don't think he's over-eating in any given nursing session, just feeding too often. We haven't tried gripe water, but the issue doesn't really seem to be colic. The reflux means he vomits a lot (not just spit up), his breath often smells like vomit, etc. We have to keep him upright for 30 minutes after each feeding, and even that often isn't enough to keep him from having an attack.

Unfortunately, I don't think combining formula and breast milk will relieve the symptoms if it is allergy/intollerance issues that are causing the reflux and other digestive issues. I guess, though, that it depends on how severe the allergy is. I have no idea at this point - we have changed so much over the past 5 weeks that I don't know what is up and what is down.

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