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March 20th, 2013, 04:42 PM
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DH set up one of his old 55 gallon fish tanks in our bedroom. It has been running for almost a month so we added some freshwater Angel fish, a few cory cats, and planted some live plants. Everything looks happy and healthy so far. I really enjoy watching the fish swim around and the live plants growing... it's pretty therapeutic.

I have been working on our bathroom while DH is at work. Cleaning the grout in between the tiles on the floor, getting the walls/cabinets ready to be painted, redoing the silicone sealant around the bathtub/shower. I was actually going to start painting our bathroom today but forgot to pick up painters tape while I was out so now I'm going to wait until tomorrow.

On top of all that I would really like to get the kitchen, dining area, and 2 hallways repainted before we start ttc in the middle of April but I have been moving kind of slow. In my defense it's a lot of work for one woman to do on her own, and I only work on my home improvement projects when DH isn't home. I prefer to spend my time with him when he is home. Basically I have 3 weeks to get it done, or as much of it as I can then I guess DH will have to finish my painting project

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