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March 20th, 2013, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by tobi4 View Post
That's great! The sales here generally have clothes for $1 a piece. What do they sell for there?

I also wish ours was this inexpensive!! I agree, most things are about $2 or more. I generally price between $2 - $4 depending on brand and how nice the outfit. But, mainly around $2-3. I did price some onesies for just $0.50 but I didn't see anything else that cheap. I tried to put outfits together and sell as a set. Rompers for about $1.50 or $2 - $2.50 if Gymboree or other nice brand or as cheap as $1 if nothing special or not really cute. Pants or skirts around $2 - $2.50 and outfits around $2.50 - $3 and same with dresses. Again, nice dresses or name brands $4. Shoes I priced about $2-3 except some nice pairs were $4-5 (like new gymboree sandals that Kynslee never wore were $5)

Since DH and I volunteered and were selling we got to get in the day before the public and the lines were also long then. We got there about 1pm on day before open to public and most of my bigger items (bumbo & a small toy kitchen) were already sold and my bouncer sold that evening!! And, I saw other seller's items with SOLD tags already on them. That's another nice thing about selling - you get to go before the public and snag even better deals!!
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