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March 20th, 2013, 06:26 PM
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My approach is to explain the way things work as well as things to look out for (for example, I tell my kids how to spot scams and how you can't believe all commercial on television LOL).

I will also explain to them that websites and news channels tend to have party preferences and report news in such a way that supports their network's views.

I might even do things such as take a story and write it in two ways (one that is intended to support republican views and one to support democratic views, but both the same story, just worded differently).

I will also share my views and let husband share his and then after that I will share with her the views of other people and then ask my kids what they think.

Kind of like how I handle religion LOL and I MUST be doing that unbiasedly enough because I'm atheist/agnostic and my daughter is a Christian LOL
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