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March 20th, 2013, 06:59 PM
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body acne!! I am so mortified, grossed out... I am talking on my tummy, breasts, chest, shoulders, upper back... what is going on??? ewww I am nauseous typing it out. It's bad! they are scarring too after they pop. I am sorry this is wayyyyy TMI but I need some help here! I never had this before, even pregnant with my daughter.. is the the progesterone/testosterone or whatever?? What kind of wash should I use in the shower and cream?? I am so grossed out so completely blah over this. As if the weight gain wasn't enough! oh ya and I have this like dry red patch on my face too for a while now out of nowhere ewww.. my dr. just says these are unfortunate side effects but what can I do??

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