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March 20th, 2013, 07:11 PM
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E is my only child right now, but reading her post was such a relief to me! I get Mommy guilt sometimes that I don't go all out for things. Elf on a Shelf, fancy Valentines and Easter Eggs... All those really cool ideas you see on Pinterest! I'm not creative, handy, or creative, and I know I'm never going to be a super-mom. I don't have the energy to do all kinds of fancy things (except for the Easter scavenger hunt I want to start next year!), and it's nice to know that other Moms out there feel the same.

I had a coworker whose middle school age daughter once asked for a video game for Easter.... she was promptly told that Easter is not an excuse to get gifts! But I can see the slippery slope. It starts with dollar store crayons and coloring books as small kids, but if you continue giving Easter/Valentines/Etc. gifts to kids as they get older (especially if there are younger siblings), what do you get them?? I don't think a 14-year old would truly want crayons!

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