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March 20th, 2013, 07:25 PM
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No to everything! Of course, I've been learning recently that E is learning a lot at day care and I just don't know. I realized a couple weeks ago that he knows the sign for "please," and probably has for some time (I just didn't realize it). He rubs his belly with both hands for please... lol! I think he knows the signs for yes and no, although he's not consistent with using them. (He definitely shakes his head no though!) I think he may know lots of words that I just haven't deciphered/realized yet. Clothes off is "co cah," Mickey is "dee" or "dee dee," Goofy is "goo goo." We don't really review colors or numbers at home (although I am sure he's done it at day care), so maybe he knows it and just hasn't told us yet!

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