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March 20th, 2013, 07:56 PM
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We are night owls so Utah doesn't go to sleep til 11 ish. We start at about 10pm with a bath. Then I nurse him and sing to him 4 songs... and then I read him the book "Goodnight Moon". By this point he is already ALMOST asleep.

Then we swaddle (sometimes we do this BEFORE I sing to him)... and then a bottle (my husband does this last step). I supplement with soy formula and this 3 ounce bottle keeps him sleeping from 11pm to about 4 am. Last night was 4:45 am! Almost 6 hours!

We do these same things EVERY SINGLE night. It totally does the trick!

Vyvian Utah Everson Spark born January 10, 2013

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