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March 20th, 2013, 09:20 PM
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Thanks so much, Shen. IDK why, but your post made me cry. Pregnancy hormones? Yes, I know in the end I'll let her go. My husband and I basically decided we would take her to the eval. If they think there is a good chance she can meet her goal there (being level 4 by next year) then we'll switch, otherwise, we'll have to explain to her she will be in level 3 next year either way and see what she thinks, but at that point we don't see the point in switching. I AM proud of her that she is so determined. The idea of moving up has already brought back her passion for gymnastics. She's ALWAYS loved it, but she's back to the "I want to do this 24 hours a day" phase, instead of "i love this and don't want to miss out, but I only care to do a few hours a day" Granted, I don't want her doing gymnastics 24/7, but it was nice to see that *passion* reignited. I don't want to hold her back for selfish reasons. And I mean, of course I'll be happy for her to advance! I'm just torn, where she is so certain. then I think, I mean, what if I'm WRONG? What if she goes into level 4 and she DOES do great at competitions and DOES do well in her class. I mean, a challenge doesn't mean she'll do worse. Maybe I just need to be supportive and realize that she could very well be capable if given a chance. She tends to surprise me all the time. I don't want her to think I don't believe in her, because I do, but maybe she knows what she is capable of better than I do.
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