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March 20th, 2013, 10:59 PM
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Since when did this site become a debate? I've been seeing this more and more. The reason I love JM is because it usually has a lot of rational calm discussions.. In this board, there are always three options available to those looking for advice.. abortion, keep the baby, or give the baby up. I don't think anyone should ever pressure a woman in the unexpected pregnancy situation into getting an abortion or guilt them into keeping it just based on personal feelings. That being said, people are asking for opinions by posting on here. I think all non-harrassing, pressuring, or guilting responses are valid. I, for example, tend to lean towards keeping a child as I am in the situation now where it is going to be very tough, but once I decided to go into it alone, I am really excited.. nervous, yes.. but excited.. and I have seen many friends and family members who have aborted and did not do it for the right reasons and always regret it since that is an irreversible action.. however, there are always circumstances where keeping the child might not be best.. women in this scary situation doing it alone and feeling unsupported should not be blamed either way. I just really hope this board does not turn into a heated debate. I really think it should be more of a safe haven with no judgement of any opinion.

as for the original post.. I would just say.. was the threat of abortion only out of anger or was it a consideration? Do you have a support group? If you are able to care for another child so close in age and you want to, Id say don't worry about your boyfriends opinion.. Do what you feel is best for you and your child. If bringing another child into that dynamic is something you see possible, then they will definitely be close in age and probably good friends.. but if it is something you just cannot mentally or financially take on at this moment, I'd say definitely look into the abortion option but don't do it alone.. At least confide in a close friend or even the private board here. I have seen some people come out of abortions just fine, but others be truly depressed afterwards as they always ask "what if." A friend would be nice at this moment either way.
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