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March 20th, 2013, 11:27 PM
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I merely countered opinions with opinions. The only thing that concerns me - the only conviction I have in this matter at all is that the OP should do what she needs to in order to optimize her outcome for her and those that depend on her decisions. She deserves to have her options laid out fairly and to have support for whatever her choices may be (and, folks, remember what your mother taught you; if you can't say anything nice...).

I'm not imposing my moral holdings on anyone, but I reserve the right to defend the vulnerable when people start tossing around words like "right' and "wrong" as though they are in some kind of a position of authority on the matter.

Anyone who states an opinion as an opinion (e.g. "I think abortion is wrong") is operating in the spirit of the thread, but when you start stating beliefs as absolute truth (e.g. "abortion is wrong") your commentary becomes fair game for scrutiny. True facts.

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