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March 21st, 2013, 12:47 AM
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Drink your child backwash or eat their chewed food? chewed food

Wake up at 2 am and find that your bed is soaked in their pee, or deal with an "accident" at Target? an accident at target cuz I don't really enjoy getting up at 2am

Babysit a kid who hates your kid or have a play date where you cannot stand the Mom? Can't stand the mom for sure. I can just read a book n ignore the mom

Take care of a teething 6 month old or an 18 month old? 18 month old. he could probably hang better.

Have engorged breasts for two weeks or sneeze and pee your pants in public? engorged for sure, (i'd deal with the pain of engorged breasts for life just to have big boobs if I could.)

Have your kids voice sound like Caillou or Dora? I don't know what Caillou is, so Dora.

Have lice go through the whole house or have the stomach flu go through the whole house? Stomach flu. (I have way to much hair to be able to handle lice)

Be stuck in the house with a colicky infant or an hormonal teenager for a week? teenager for sure, they just ignore you or are rude, wayyy better then a screaming infant!

Have a kid with perpetually bad breath or perpetually bad farts? Bad breath I guess

Have a psychotic meltdown in the library or church? church, ppl will understand and I can just walk him out we sit by the door normally just in case.
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