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March 21st, 2013, 02:17 AM
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Cramping comes with the O territory. I usually get cramps anywhere from 3-5 days before hand and a bit afterwards.

1. Do you use OPKs more than once a day?
I ask this because of the fact that sometimes you can simply miss your surge and think you are not Oing and miss your window or opportunity completely.

2. Do you chart your temp?
I found this to REALLY help me understand my cycles ALOT. The main thing to remember is OPKS tell you that you are fertile and CHARTING tells you when you actually O'd.

3. How long are your cycles normally?

Your O date can vary each month but it is safe to say if you have a regular period you can sense the O time more than some who have irregular periods etc. Although you can O at different times each month, it can give you an awareness of when to start doing OPKs. Since I started charting my O dates have varied a bit from CD 12 to CD 10 to CD 17. My LP is usually 10-14 days but normally 10-12 days.

I hope this helped you and did not confuse you in any way. Keep using OPKs and maybe do them AM, afternoon, and PM. Usually if I get a pretty dark one I check every 2-3 hours to make sure and DEF the following morning. I have better luck with SMU with other days but the morning following a positive or almost positive test I do it with FMU to see where I stand.

GOOD LUCK and baby !
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