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March 21st, 2013, 02:51 AM
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This is a chance to celebrate our owlets' first Mother's Days; the friendships you've made here; and the things you admire about your fellow Mama Owls as women and mothers.


You will all get the chance to anonymously comment on or compliment your fellow Mama Owls on their strengths as a woman and a mom, the things you admire, the things they do or say or exemplify that inspire you. You will then all receive a Mother's Day "hug" in the form of an e-card with your comments and compliments. Hopefully this will be something to keep and read when you need reminding what an awesome mom you are.

You will also get the chance to nominate your fellow Mama Owls for an extra-special "hug" which will arrive in the mail instead of by email. We'll keep this part a surprise.


1. Sign up in this thread.

2. There are three pairs of categories for the nominations for special "hugs". In your post, please place yourself in the most appropriate category for each pair.

Pair 1 - HARDWORKING MOMMIES (for juggling WOHMs who have sacrificed their time at home with their babies because it's best for their family)
HOMEMAKING MOMMIES (for busy SAHMs who have sacrificed their career and extra income because it's best for their family)

If you are a WAHM please choose which of the two you'd like to be placed in. You cannot join both.

Pair 2 - SINGLE SUPERMOMMIES (for those Mama Owls who are single, strong and "doing it for themselves" as the song says)
WONDERFUL WIFE-AND-MOMMIES (for those Mama Owls who are devoted wives as well as mothers)

If you are not yet married but have a live-in (or live-out!) partner please choose which of the two you'd like to be placed in. You cannot join both.

Pair 3 - QUEENS OF CRUNCHY (for those devoted Mama Owls who are AP, BFing champs, cloth diapering, co-sleeping because it's best for their family)
QUEENS OF TRADITION (for those devoted Mama Owls who are TP, formula feeding etc because it's best for their family)

If you are a little of both please choose which of the two you'd like to be placed in. You cannot join both.

The deadline to sign up will be Friday 5th April. This allows two weeks for sign-ups which is plenty of time especially since I will also post this on the newsgroup.


Once sign-ups are over, Sharron and I will post a list of Mama Owls in each category on the board. We will then give the go-ahead for nominations, comments & compliments. We will aim to do this by Monday 8th April. Please do not send any before we give the go-ahead so that you have a full sign-up list to work from.

You will need to nominate FIVE Mama Owls from each list for a special "hug" in each category, giving a specific reason for your nomination. You need to nominate ladies who inspire you within that category, and your comment or compliment for each should explain how and why they inspire you. You might pick people who share a lot of information, who you've learned a lot from, who has been caring and supportive in that area, or whose example you find inspiring.

You may also include "special mentions" after your five nominations, for any mama owls you specifically want to give a comment or compliment to for that particular category. You may include as many "special mentions" as you wish from the list, you may even write one for every lady on the list if they all inspire you, but you can only actually nominate FIVE for a special "hug". Remember everyone will see their comments & compliments and receive an e-card "hug".

Nominations & special mentions for Hardworking Mommies, Single Supermommies and Queens of Crunchy should be PMd to Sharron (Lady Valkyrie) along with your postal address which will be needed if you receive a special "hug".

Nominations & special mentions for Homemaking Mommies, Wonderful Wife-and-Mommies and Queens of Tradition should be PMd to Emma (HippieLove) along with your email address for your e-card "hug".

The deadline for this part of the activity is Friday 26th April. This gives you three weeks to ponder your nominations and come up with the comments and compliments each participant deserves. You'll get weekly reminders on the newsgroup. We will assume that any ladies who don't send us their PMs by this date no longer wish to participate and take them off the lists. We need them all in by this time to give me time to organise and mail the special "hugs" to reach you by Mother's Day (bearing in mind this will be all international postage).


Sharron and I will each work out which mama owl received the most nominations for a special "hug" in each category. We will ensure that six different ladies receive the six special "hugs", going to the second most if any categories end up with someone who has already been allocated one.

We will also compile all the comments and compliments ready for your "hugs". Everyone should receive their e-card "hug" or special "hug" where applicable on or before Mother's Day which is on Sunday 12th May. It would be nice if everyone could wait to open it until Mother's Day itself and then share thanks and anything else they'd like (for example how it made you feel or pictures if you get a special "hug").

On Mother's Day itself, we will make a post confirming who received the special "hugs" and any particular special mentions not only for Mama Owls who received a lot of nominations but also for Mama Owls who stand out to us as having had wonderful, kind things to say about everyone. This post will include blinkies for all of you to *wear* to celebrate our owlets' first Mother's Day.

Please post any questions in this thread or PM them to Sharron (Lady Valkyrie) or Emma (HippieLove).

♥ Isla Rae Due August 28th

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