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March 21st, 2013, 07:44 AM
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Right where do I start? Last month I did and OPK and it detected my LH as normal on day 14! We only tried a couple of times though, the day of detection and teh day after and as most of you know, it wasn't my lucky month, BFN and a period right on time as always lol. This month, we started trying as soon as my period finished and we have been trying every day since (exept Tuesday). I am very regular so I know my fertile window, HOWEVER ovulation was supposed to be tuesday or yesterday and ALL the OPK's so far have been negatives! WHAT IS GOING ON? A few days after my period I had some weird things happening on my lower belly so maybe I ovulated then.....but that early and why? It has never ever happened before! At least we have been trying early enough but I am soooo confused....I think we will keep trying until the end of the cycle just in case......lots of cramping this week and yesterday I had some very unusual discharge that I havent seen before (sorry). It was very very white, very smooth layer and looked like a very thin layer of the white bit of a normal egg lol not sure how to describe it! I have run out of OPK's now so can't test anymore so need to keep trying just in case. I want your opinions please guys, I am panicking! Possible reasons/explanations?????
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