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March 21st, 2013, 08:09 AM
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Just wondering if anyone could offer any experience with this.

Yesterday morning lost my mucus plug (coloured with lots of blood) but no subsequent bleeding. Some contractions following it. Went to L & D and was hooked up for monitoring for a couple of hours. Baby's heart rate was "impressive" as the doctor said, and the FFN test was negative. Had a VERY invasive cervical check (think flashlights and wedge pillows under my butt!) and they determined that my cervix is under 2cm but i'm not dilated. Right now I've been told to be hyper vigilant with any symptoms of labour I feel I may be experiencing and to come in immediately if anything changes. Just told to relax as much as possible and going for a follow up ultrasound this afternoon for my low lying placenta and to check the cervix again. The doctor, who was really great, pretty much told me that just because everything is fine right this moment, it does't mean it will be tomorrow, or next week and to relax as much as possible etc.

Has anyone had anything like this happen? I'm not sure what to think at this point. I get the feeling that this could go on to be a full term delivery or alternatively I could go into pre-term labour (specifically with my shortening cervix) but that they can't tell me one way or another and will deal with it when something happens. I have another FFN test in two weeks.
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