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March 21st, 2013, 09:02 AM
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I'd like to think I'm crunchy... but really I'm still much more mainstream than not.

It's been a slow conversion process, but the things that are important to me include using non toxic products, reducing trash, reducing the impact on the environment, becoming more self sufficient, eating more natural, healthy and whole foods (I probably struggle with this the most).

Of course I plan on leading Bebe by example, and I'm sure that over time he'll adopt some of the same values. I don't see how it can hurt to raise a child with more respect for nature or the environment.

I think for me the benefits is knowing that I'm not using nasty chemicals in the products that my child interacts with, for the most part... not that I think 'everything causes cancer' but why risk it, when you know whatever product isn't good. Supporting local business and truly natural companies is important to me.
Also I hope my child develops a love of the outdoors. We live rurally, and have quite the playground right out our back door! Acres of forest and field!

I'm not sure how AP fits into 'crunchy living' but I think that crunchy living definitely has a place in AP.

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