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March 21st, 2013, 09:38 AM
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I think I am quite crunchy from the perspective of America as a whole, but mainstream for my local hippie California surf town The main things besides AP, are: cloth diapering and otherwise trying to minimize our consumption and waste (throwaway things and packaging and general random junk), I am going for a natural childbirth again but this time with a much more supportive hospital/care team and taking Hypnobabies classes, we buy organic and local foods and humanely raised animal products almost all the time, we are a one-car family and the car is a Prius, I generally try to avoid harsh cleaning products and overly sanitizing everything, we try to minimize our intake of any non-food substances, drugs, intoxicants etc.

I would say I'm not terribly crunchy in that I am fine with mainstream medicine and try to follow the latest evidence-based guidelines and avoid alternative medicine unless it has good scientific evidence behind it. We are a fully vaccinating family, which in our undervaccinated community (under 85% of kindergardeners are up to date in this county and we often have outbreaks, pertussis, measles, etc) I feel is very important. Despite my career in environmental science and lifelong passion for protecting the environment, I am almost afraid to call myself an environmentalist these days, because I feel that some of the movement's most public pet positions are anti-science (misleading the public to fear consuming GMO and nonorganic foods as toxic, rather than focusing on the REAL but less selfish problems of sustainability and ecosystem protection; being against nuclear power despite the fact that it is one of our best alternatives to fossil fuels that cause climate change; I could go on with more local issues too). So in a way I would say I am skeptical/pro-science more than crunchy. Unfortunately the two don't completely overlap as much as one might hope!!

Overall I don't do things because they are crunchy or green but because they make sense for my values and my family. Though I think my underlying values are strongly geared towards creating a more sustainable world and supporting the health of ecosystems, so in that sense I am very green.

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