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March 21st, 2013, 09:58 AM
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Congrats on the nephew...

Glad the headache is better today!! You know its bad when it makes you throw up. I get headaches that last sometimes for a couple of days and the hair on the top of my scalp actually hurts .. strange I know but it does.

NOthing else can go wrong now FW..right?? wishing you a fast and problem free smooth move!!

My husbands brother and his wife and their 2 children are coming this weekend and my DD1 cant wait cus they are 1 month apart in age and are best friends even though they dont see each other often because up until now lived in different countries. All of my children have cousins the same age cus big families are the norm with DH's side.
Going to try and get a surprise delivery of our homemade chocolate chip cookies to their hotel room when they arrive as its all of our favorite!!!

Nothing else new here still pregnant and gaining weight
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