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March 21st, 2013, 10:11 AM
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This is a 2 story question…..
(Story 1, part 1)
I knew that after getting divorced that I would be single for awhile. I didn’t want Hannah getting attached to guys and them walking away. So I stayed single. But once I felt ready to date again I began to pray “Lord, where is the man you created for me. I’m ready to date again.” All I remember is hearing “Right around the corner baby, just right around the corner.” I waited about 6 months and nothing happened. So I prayed again, and again I heard the same reply..

(Story 2)
My husband and I met at a friend’s birthday party at a karaoke bar. I was there waiting for my date (Who had prev stood me up before) and I decided that If he stood me up again that I was done. Well instead of my date walking in, Ryan walked in instead. He ended up sitting across from me, and we got to talking. He asked me to dance and then later came to my house to watch a movie. I ended up at his place and we spent one passionate weekend together, after I had implied that I don’t normally go to a guy’s home on the first night, and he replied with “Ya, it takes a special guy for me too.” I figured he either swung both ways, or was a smart a$s and I didn’t care either way. Later that week I asked him the dreaded “So, where do we go from here?” and he replied “Your cool to hang out with but…..” I hung up crying my eyes out…… Well, turns out that all it takes is once, and I found out I was pregnant. I was determined not to tell him, cause things were already so complicated with my ex and Hannah, that I knew I could raise this child on my own. But my friend told Ryan instead and we started dating. Unfortunately we lost that baby, but we developed a love for each other that grows stronger every day. I’m lucky that I got stood up that night, because the man of my dreams walked through that door instead.

(Story 1, part 2)
Remember me telling you that I prayed for the man that was created for me and the reply I got was “Right around the corner baby, right around the corner.” Would you believe me if I told you that Ryan’s desk was literally right around the corner from mine at work? Amazing huh. If I had known that God was being literal I would have gotten up and walked around the corner.

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