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March 21st, 2013, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by GoldenTickets View Post
Wow... you guys seriously vacuum or sweep daily (or more)? Please tell me there's other ladies out there (besides you Dee!) who don't sweep or vacuum that much. About 3/4 of our house is carpet, the rest hardwood or tile. I usually vacuum 1x weekly. Sometimes twice. I sweep at least weekly, usually more (especially if E is extremely messy). I'm not saying I leave Cheerios on the ground, I obviously will pick that up, along with other large crumbs/dirt/hair/etc. But otherwise if I can't see it then I don't worry about it unless I'm doing the overall sweep. And if we're not using the space (spare bedroom, dining room, etc.), I'll only sweep/vacuum there maybe. monthly.

I'm with both of you ladies!!! I agree - don't stare too closely at my floors! I do sweep around Kysnlee's high chair after she eats usually because she's such a messy eater but otherwise about once a week or so.
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