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March 21st, 2013, 11:32 AM
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WARNING I weaned Kynslee a little over 2 months ago at 15 1/2 months. AF didn't show until about 13 1/2 months Post Pardon and has been super irregular and coming about every 2 weeks or so or sometimes waiting 6 weeks between some. Well, I figured that since my body was still getting adjusted and heard it was normal. Well, this last week I have been slightly spotting (mainly when I wipe and only light pink with occasionally a little normal red) and seems weird. My main question is - is this normal? I've been having regular periods as far as normal bleeding even though they having been coming randomly. Is it normal to randomly start spotting and slightly spotting at that? It's not spotting enough to use a pad even. Is my body doing this to try and adjust to normal regular cycles or should I contact my doctor? Also (More TMI) last night I noticed I was slightly swollen down there.
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