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March 21st, 2013, 01:16 PM
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Sara is my hero I wish I were half as eloquent in my responses as she is! I 100% am on the same page as her.

We make parenting choices that make sense to us, not necessarily choices that are crunchy. I could absolutely be MORE crunchy. But locally, I am quite crunchy. We reduce-reuse-recycle as much as possible. We try to conserve our natural environment. We try to support all local economy as much as possible. But we also have our non-crunchy vices (I drive an expedition...nuff said! Lol). I am far from an environmentist or scientist. But I am very pro-science and I also tend to disagree with some of the agendas that have become very big in the "crunchy" world. So we mostly do what we believe will best support our beliefs about leaving the world a better place. And sometimes that is more than other times.
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