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March 21st, 2013, 03:38 PM
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Testing boundaries ought to be M's middle name. Ha.

After MONTHS she appears to be done with the injury-causing. No more hair pulling or face grabbing. It finally sunk in that it hurts us the same way it hurts her (she started trying it on herself a lot too and seemed surprised that it hurt). But throwing food and spitting her drinks out is still interesting. And she's always finding new things to test out around the house. Turning on faucets and then grabbing the spout so water sprays everywhere... climbing and jumping on the kitchen table... it just goes on. I try to just immediately and unceremoniously physically stop the behavior and then redirect/distract her, but I often have trouble hiding my annoyance, especially with food and drinks on the floor since I hate stooping to clean it up with my big belly.

So yeah, totally normal it will take quite a long time but eventually she will stop testing those boundaries and find new ones to test instead

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