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March 21st, 2013, 05:49 PM
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I don't feel qualified to really respond since my kids are younger, but we did get rid of Claire's paci earlier this year (she'll be 3 in July). She LOVES Thomas the Train, so I bought her a little Thomas Pillow Pet. One afternoon I showed it to her and she went nuts over him. I told her that if she wanted Thomas, she had to trade in her paci. She had to think for a minute, but she chose Thomas...I wanted her to be the one to make the choice. The first nap without the paci she woke early, and the first night she woke up once in tears asking for the paci. I reminded her that she traded it for Thomas, and she snuggled Thomas and went back to sleep. After that we were fine, and she'll still tell me that she doesn't need a paci because she has Thomas. Maybe Liam would choose something else over the paci for his new comfort item?

(((HUGS))) I say screw what is considered "age appropriate" and do what is best for know him better than anyone!

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