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March 21st, 2013, 08:25 PM
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I'm so excited to read everyone's updates- lots of good news!!

Brooke- congrats on five embies, that's wonderful! My take on whether to transfer one or two is to go with two. That's what my DH and I did, and got a BFP! I really do think it increases your chance of becoming pregnant.

Aimee- your embies are precious!! Congrats on the successful transfer (minus the bladder situation)! Get lots of rest and pamper yourself- my nurse told me to treat myself like I was pregnant during the 2ww. And I think I got my first BFP 7dp5dt.

Leah- I must know what this store business is that you were referring to! Sounds like stuff I would be interested in (I'm constantly perusing Pinterest and Etsy!)!

So excited for everyone else's cycles that are moving right along as well! Can't wait for more good news!

As for me... Still anxiously awaiting beta #2 on Monday... Long wait!

Oh, I forgot to ask:

Has anyone else experienced medication leaking out after the PIO injections? My hubby and I didn't notice this to be a problem at all the first twelve injections or so but now each time he gives me a shot some of the medication seeps back out of the injection site... I'm worried about losing too much and not having enough progesterone. I've emailed my nurse but was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

And Brooke- I haven't noticed any side effects from PIO aside from my boobs being really sore. The injections are not nearly as painful as I thought they'd be (my RE gave me topical lidocaine to use first and that really seems to help).
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