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March 21st, 2013, 10:42 PM
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Although I'm not preggo again, I'm getting a head start on choosing a new doc/midwife for my care that would maximize my success of a vbac. I live in Florida, which is already an impediment. Here goes...

I've narrowed it down to an ob that delivers at st lukes in jax who I've read is vbac friendly, and she'll let you go to 41 weeks (so I've read) Cons: she far (45 minutes), the office has now rescheduled with me for the 3rd time (my appointment was originally in January and now it's late April. St Lukes from what I've read has a 'timeline' that you have to sign to deliver there that basically says: if you don't progress at xyz you will have interventions, no birthing balls.. Etc. I'm so upset at the hassle and delay at the ob's office at this point I'm close to just canceling... But I've heard she's the natural birth/vbac doctor of jacksonville.

my second option: a midwife at flagler hospital in St Augustine. Pros: midwives should produce a better result. Flagler Hospital (although I dislike the hospital itself, supposedly is good for l&d. They allow birthing balls etc. Cons: I saw on ican there is a de facto vbac ban. I called the midwife, and I learned that I'd be transferred to their doc to see if I'm cleared to vbac. So, I made a consultation appointment for next week... I'm really anxious.

What exactly is a de facto ban? How do I go about deciding between the two? I'm torn between the doc everyone recommends, and the midwife that has had vbacs herself. Help!
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