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March 21st, 2013, 11:06 PM
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It looks like June will be our next cycle we can TTC. DH should be home in May, unless he goes right to another job. I'm ok with June, part of me hopes that things don't Align right until July or August. Nothing good ever happens in March for my family, I don't think I want a March baby (June and July conceptions would give me March edd's, IF I Ovulate like my chart says I will).

I am ok with the months we will miss out on, because that's one more cycle I have to try and lose some weight, and get better. My cold is pretty much gone, my cough almost non existent. This means that Monday I should be ok to start getting in the pool and do laps. I will call and book the OB appointment next week (for the 2nd week in April, give or take depending on when they want me to come in in my cycle), I should be on my thyroid meds 8 weeks by the time I'm with DH again full time, maybe more.

We've pledged, that if he doesn't go straight to another job, we will not be lazy this summer like we usually are. We have a pool, and a gym... we have a lovely area to walk in at night.. why we don't do these things I don't know. But we are going to this year. DH has a belly he needs to lose, he has man boobs he wants to say goodbye to. His skin condition makes things difficult, because his body needs insane amounts of protein... but I can make things healthier, I just don't because I'm lazy.

but the fact of the matter is. I want a child. And if I have to eat a salad every day for lunch and Special K for breakfast, I'll do it. I will do what it takes to be as healthy as I can when sperm meets egg. And I will do what I must to keep that pregnancy as healthy as possible from start to finish.

Today is March 22nd. My baby brother's 20th birthday. I'm estimated to O on June 9th that gives me a little less than 3 months. I can do this... I will do this. I deserve this and I'm coming to get it!
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