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March 21st, 2013, 11:35 PM
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My oldest just turned two years old in February so we just started her potty training last month, so far she has used the potty maybe 2 dozen times and after the first time she now tells us she when she has to go potty, but half the time I think she only does it for the m&m's . She doesn't say "potty" she says "pie" but we know what she means and on the way to the potty she is already asking for "bite bites" haha. So I think it is good to keep enforcing the potty thing because it will naturally take awhile to get it down and doctors recommend getting them potty trained starting at two because the older they get the more their, "I don't want to" personality will set in and it could be even harder for them.

She never had a pacifier, we actually tried to give her own as a baby but she would just spit it out. The thing that soothes her is she will kiss the back of her hand or her finger tip or knee. She has been doing that since she was probably 6 months old. My husband and I said we would ween her from doing that when she turned two but we kind of let it slide since it does soothe her and it's not like it hurts her to continue. She only really does it when she is trying to fall alseep or if she got told "no" she will do it too.
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