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March 21st, 2013, 11:57 PM
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how old is your LO? 25 months and 6 months

what did you plan as a sleeping arrangement before they were born? Crib from the begining!

what was their sleeping arrangement after they were born? Slept in her crib the first night and she didn't like it so after that night she slept with us in our bed.

what is their sleeping arrangement now? @ 16 months she slept with us in our bed and at 16 months she started sleeping in her pack n play that is 3ft by 3 ft in our room because she would cry bloody murder if we put her in her own bed in her room. Now she is 25 months and last month we moved her to her toddler bed but it is still currently in our room but at least she likes sleeping in her own bed now. Our 6 month old now sleeps in the pack n play next to our bed.

*Currently housing with my parents until we move out of state in May so the "kids" room is only big enough for their dresser, book/toy shelf, toy box and toddler table etc. So not enough room for even a small bed so that is why her bed is in our room for now.*
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