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March 22nd, 2013, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by kayakr View Post
Good Luck. The other ladies answered your questions but I wanted to tell you good luck. I remember when I heard that IVF was our best chance to expand our family. Hearing that was very hard on me. Now, I am doing my first and hopefully last IVF cycle right now!

We have MFI issues as well and my age. We are actually using an egg donor for IVF because of my age and wanting to have the best odds possible for IVF to work.

Hi... I just started lurking around the IVF forum as DH and I are getting ready to start our 1st IVF cycle next month. Just wanted to say good luck with your cycle using a donor. My 45 year old BFF just did her 1st cycle w/ an egg donor (age 28), and after 5 years and 3 failed attempts she is now 10 weeks pregnant. DH and I (both 41) are still waiting on my preliminary test results before we make a decision one way or the other about a donor.

GOOD LUCK to you too SweetTreat! And thanks for asking your questions... I came on here hoping to ask the same but you beat me to it.

Bethany & Marley... 2 kids (DD 10 & DS 5)

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