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March 22nd, 2013, 03:33 AM
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Originally Posted by momie2b9-20-11 View Post
That's cool you are kinda close!! Hi neighbor - LOL!!! You really should try selling at the Fall sale. It takes time tagging, especially your first sale, but it's totally worth it!!!
Now if only we were a little closer. LOL. I think the only other person semi close to me is Jacque, but both of you are probably 3-4 hrs away from me.

Ya I think that's the only thing that deters me from selling is having to set up all the clothes. Personally I love the idea that they do with the safety pins and the hangers. Makes life easy when shopping for the items. Although this time around i noticed sellers were taping over the safety pins therefore made it harder to take them off. As a seller I can see just how time consuming all that is. I was wondering do they supply you with all the hangers and safety pins or do you have to buy them?

Ya all the big baby gear items go so fast. The prices are just so right that it beats retail by a landslide. I see pictures that they post up on their fb page the night before the sales starts and of course by the time it opens to the public a lot of the big items are gone since the sellers get to go in early. That's almost the perk which makes me want to try and sell.
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