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March 22nd, 2013, 04:43 AM
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hi everyone

sorry i have not been around for a while been busy working and sorting out my kitchen as we r redoing it (wont b finished when baby is due). i have been having cramps on n off since tuesday morning. on monday night there was a pinprick of blood when i wiped (sorry if it tmi) then same again on wednesday afternoon before i went for my normal appointment at the midwifes. i told the midwife and she said it was the plug slowly coming out. which there was pinprick amount most time i wiped since wednesday. i didnt get hardly any yesterday and none atm. my cramps have been gettin wrost since last night but still only on and off. midwife also felt where the baby was and that was head down which is a good sign. i am not to fused about it but just wanted to see what you all think. as i have been reading up on the net about it but its mixs messages.

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