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March 22nd, 2013, 06:20 AM
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Originally Posted by MommieMouse View Post
What exactly is a de facto ban?
It usually means that while they do not have a specific "no VBAC" policy, they are very VBAC unfriendly and/or that no doctors at that hospital will attend your birth. One nurse put it to me like this: "unless the baby is crowning when you get to the hospital, you will have a c-section."

I don't think you can really decide anything until you meet with the care providers and ask should be able to get a better feel for things that way. Also you may want to speak with doulas in the area...they often know which hospitals and doctors/midwives are the most accommodating to your wishes. L&D nurses are also a good source of info.

I think it is awesome that you are starting now to give yourself every opportunity at a VBAC...I can promise you it is worth the effort!

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