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March 22nd, 2013, 06:40 AM
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That is a very sad situation. Hopefully time will heal her pain, and she knows it was purely an accident. Doesn't bring the other girl back, but neither will beating herself up over it.

I made that slow cooker breakfast, Becca is already saying she doesn't like it, and she didn't even try any. Too bad she's not getting anything else til lunch.

So last weekend we had a couple and their daughter spend the weekend here. Rob and the guy went and got all his fishing stuff, (the other guy's, Rob already has his), and we just hung out and had a big dinner and stuff.
So yesterday the dad calls me and says the girl has lice. Awesome. So I washed all the bedding last night, and hats/gloves/jackets, and bought two bottles of that lice shampoo and shampooed all the kids minus Weston, I'm not going to use pesticides on a baby. I shaved all the boys again. Noah and RJ's hair wasn't too long from last time I shaved them. Bastian had pretty long hair. I was trying to grow it out how it used to be, all curly and cute, but since the first time I shaved it it got thick and wirey anyway, so oh well. I'm not TOO freaked out because everything is washed, and I vacuumed, of course I vacuum every day, but lice can't live off of a human for more than two days IF there is any on my kids.
So that was my fun night.

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