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March 22nd, 2013, 07:01 AM
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I really haven't put a lot of thought into it, I have no tattoos and have no desire for one it's just not my thing, my DH has one that he got in college and he hates it now!...I "think" I would make my kids wait until they turned 18 and then it would be their choice to do. My niece wanted a tattoo really bad as a teenager, my sister said no until she was 18 and then she could do what she wanted. She turned 18 and got one soon after on her own, since then she has gotten 2 more. They are small and in places that can be covered if she wants them to be, they look cute. Piercings I feel different about, they aren't as much of a commitment so I would consider those earlier. Syd had her ears pierced, she begged and begged for them and it went fine but a few months later after we had changed them to a new pair one of them got caught on her bed sheet and yanked out, it hurt and she was then officially over it and requested the other be taken out and she didn't want them back in. The holes healed and you can't see any scar so no harm, no foul. When she wants them again we will do it. Not sure there is a right answer, I think it is a family decision, if you are ok with it then I guess it's fine? not really anyones business but your own (not you specifically but general "you") I kinda feel like 13 is young to be getting tattooed but that's just me. 16 I kinda feel is like maybe ok and when the time comes maybe at 16 I would consider it? I can't say for sure.
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