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Hi ladies, I don't have any experience with food allergies or any allergies so can I get some advice from you?

I have a 7.5 month old boy who has been trying solids for about 2 months now. We are mostly doing baby led weaning so he doesn't eat a whole lot of anything (except mum-mums) but really enjoys feeding himself and is very resistant to purees.

I would say around the time we first started solids he developed a tiny patch of eczema on his left cheek, a little smaller then a dime. It seemed to come and go and I didn't think at the time it was related to food. He's always had a little behind his ears ever since he was a newborn. Our nurse told me it was probably a reaction to something but if it wasn't bothering him or spreading not to worry as there wasn't much I could do and it could have been anything causing it.

However, last week it started to spread across the cheek and this week it has bloomed in to two big patches on both cheeks. Finally this morning when I woke up it was all across his forehead as well. I have considered that its his sheets as he is a tummy sleeper but I use an organic detergent with no fragrances for sensitive skin and I also wash his clothes in the same detergent and have never seemed to have a problem before.

The only other thing I can think of is the food. Last week when it seemed to start getting worse we had also tried egg yolks but he hasn't had any in 5 days because I thought that might be the reason and it hasn't gotten any better just a whole lot worse. We've also tried broccoli recently (I can't remember when I started it but sometime in the last two weeks), but again he hasn't had any in several days now. On Wednesday I did try him on potato for the first time and yesterday but I don't think he really ate any of it.

When I try a new food I always try it by itself for three days to make sure he doesn't have any problems.

What are your opinions? Is this a reaction to food? Or is it likely something else - we also go to swimming lessons once a week a the local pool (maybe its the chlorine? I always give him a good washing after a swimming lesson). Do I need to stop all the solids for a while and see if it goes away? Should I go see his doctor.


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