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March 22nd, 2013, 08:17 AM
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I will. I have a funny relationship with breastfeeding. I was very gung-ho about it with my first. Very determined that he would have nothing but breast milk. But because of his genetic syndrome (which we didn't know he had, at the time) he had a lot of feeding issues that became more pronounced around six months old. He was hospitalized and I was pretty much forced to give him formula (give him formula, or we call child services, basically was their tune) He had stopped growing, which actually wasn't a fault of breastfeeding, many children with the syndrome stop growing for a period during infancy, but we didn't know he had this syndrome so they assumed it was my milk. I was "allowed" to start pumping and adding formula to my breastmilk for extra calories, and I ended up pumping for him until he was nine months old. I blamed myself for TWO YEARS because of all his problems, I thought it was because I was so dead set on breastfeeding. I had a lot of "friends" tell me basically that it was the fault of my milk, as well as doctors

Anyway, then my daughter was born and she did not have the problems he had with feeding. I was so cautious about breastfeeding her, but it worked out! I am still nursing her, but will stop by June (her third b-day) She was exclusively breastfed until around seven months when we introduced her to a little bit of food.

With this one, I will breastfeed, but I won't be as devestated if it doesn't work out. I was really left scarred by how things panned out with my son. Even after we found out why he had all of these problems and knew that it in fact was not my fault, those feelings are still there. It always sounds silly when I'm explaining it to other people.

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